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That was painful

Migrating everything to a new server

So a couple of weeks ago I finally became annoyed enough at having to use a virtual linux server that I shelled out the extra and was upgraded to a dedicated box of my very own in co-lo. Mostly this was totally seemless and I even looked forward to the differences given that I was moving to Centos from Debian. One thing, however, was extremely painful. Moving this website.

So uses a python script that I wrote ages ago using an early version of However, at the time it had pretty whacky database support, didn't have it's own template engine (so it used Cheetah) and had a few wierd bugs which I had hacked around in my local copy. As such, upgrading has been a real pain because I had to change the code to the new api, then hack all my templates to the new syntax (I initially tried to carry on using cheetah, but cheetah has changed and it was even more excruciating to get that working so I took the plunge). Anyway, it seems to have worked.

Note: This has all changed significantly in the last 11 years.

permalink Updated: 2009-02-06