People and stuff that have made this website fun to produce

Over the last year or so I have changed almost everything about how this blog is hosted and also all the other services I run. The changes are something of a microcosm of how hosting works these days and so I thought it might be interesting to write some articles drilling into what's changed and why.

Firstly, this server is still a co-located Linux box, but I've moved it from to Mythic Beasts were excellent throughout, but I wanted to upgrade to a cloud setup and at the time it was easier and cheaper to use linode. I believe Mythic Beasts do have a virtual server offering and I would still highly recommend them.

Secondly I migrated almost all of the services, so I don't run them myself any more. Instead of djbdns I now use Amazon's Route 53. This gives me better protection against DDOS attacks than running my own DNS and means I also get ipv6 support into the bargain.

Instead of running my own mail using qmail, I have moved to using hosted mail provided by fastmail. The benefit here is I don't need to be personal tech support for my family's email (cough). I changed from lighttpd to nginx, which seems to be the only reasonable game in town for webservers these days.

Dynamic content is still produced by a python script, although I rewrote the version after that framework fell into a bit of an unsupported state following the sad death of its author Aaron Swartz. It now uses the flask framework and has been changed to be RESTful, and as I said last time, if I tidy the script up enough for general consumption I'll make it available.

I no longer run slidentd, and would not recommend anyone runs any sort of ident daemon. Today's internet is a very very different place from the one where that made sennse. My pages are still written using the very fine vim editor, and rather than a typematrix I now use a different weird square dvorak keyboard (A Planck ortholinear keyboard specifically, with completely blank keycaps and a weird custom layout of my own devising. Like Alan Turing's strange bicycle, this means no-one can use it other than me, although I actually made this layout as something of an homage to the typematrix. Watch this video which explains some of what it is and why I use weird keyboards in the first place).

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