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Getting started with github

Before we can do our marketmaking system, you need to be able to get the software.

To share the marketmaking software that I talked about in the first marketmaking article , we need to have a repository set up, so I decided to get going with github. You'll need to set up git, and you'll need maven 2 to build everything. I thought I'd put out a small article to get people started with building a small package we're going to depend on for the bigger system. Assuming this goes ok, I'll push the actual software that interfaces with bullionvault.

Once you've got git and maven2 set up, it should be simple enough. On my linux boxes I just do:

git clone git://
cd helpers
mvn test

...and with any luck, git will get the software, maven2 will download the internet and some time later build and run the tests, and you'll see something like this:

There are no tests to run.

Results :

Tests run: 0, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0

[INFO] +++ maven-scalatest-plugin:1.1-SNAPSHOT:test (default) @ helpers ---
[INFO], "/home/sean/tmp/helpers/target/classes
/home/sean/tmp/helpers/target/test-classes", -o, -fNCXEHLOWFD, /home/sean/tmp/h
elpers/target/scalatest-reports/file/constrained.txt, -f, /home/sean/tmp/helpers
/target/scalatest-reports/file/full.txt, -u, /home/sean/tmp/helpers/target/scala
test-reports/xml, -h, /home/sean/tmp/helpers/target/scalatest-reports/html/repor
Run starting. Expected test count is: 7
Suite Starting - DiscoverySuite
An BasicClient object
- should be able to get
- should be able to reget using conditional get
- should be able to get HEAD of
- should be able to GET uncarved with parameters
- should be able to get xml
- should be able to handle redirects
- should be able to do a POST with values
Suite Completed - DiscoverySuite
Run completed in 2 seconds, 266 milliseconds.
Total number of tests run: 7
Suites: completed 2, aborted 0
Tests: succeeded 7, failed 0, ignored 0, pending 0
All tests passed.
[INFO] +++---------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] +++---------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 23.140s
[INFO] Finished at: Wed Jun 01 10:27:36 GMT 2011
[INFO] Final Memory: 6M/11M
[INFO] +++---------------------------------------------------------------------
mvn test  22.79s user 0.74s system 94% cpu 24.793 total

I don't use eclipse or anything like that, but it should be possible too get this working with eclipse too, just don't ask me how.

permalink Updated: 2011-06-02