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I trained to postgraduate level as a Jazz bass player, but worked as a programmer to pay for my music postgrad and somehow ended up in a career in computer science. After various roles as a permanent employee and contractor I became the IT director of a dot com company. I then joined Goldman Sachs because the role I was offered sounded very interesting. I stayed there for 8 years, working initially on infrastructure for distributed pricing and risk, then in what would now be called devops, and then on a number of different trading desks. It was indeed a formative experience and I learned a lot although it was very challenging at times.

I eventually left GS and joined Palantir Technologies, a silicon valley software company that focusses on data analysis. Palantir attracts a lot of attention from conspiracy theorists due to work they believe it does for the US government however I worked on the commercial side, focussing on detecting rogue traders. This led to a joint venture they formed with Credit Suisse, called Signac, which I was fortunate enough to be co-head of. Unfortunately due to changes in the regulatory landscape the founding rationale for this startup went away and Credit Suisse and Palantir decided to dissolve this partnership.

I then joined OakNorth as the CIO of their platform business, which uses data science, tech and credit expertise to transform lending to medium-sized and growth businesses. It's been a very exciting journey so far.

I'm also on the panel of advisors of Antler, a hybrid incubator/vc and am an advisor to a startup called Kamayi. I'm first author on 2 patents in the field of fraud detection and wrote a chapter of "The Regtech Book" published by Wiley Press along with a number of other articles. I'm on the editorial board of the Journal of Digital Banking.

I've spoken at a number of large tech and fintech events both in person and on-line, including AWS Re:Invent, Money 2020, the MAS Fintech festival, the Inovate Finance Global Summit, Wired:Smarter, CogX and many others.

You can see my linkedin profile, and invite me to your network if we know each other. There are quite a few Sean Hunters though so I might not be the one you're thinking of. You can email me if you like and I will try to respond although I can't promise to be too prompt.

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