The Uncarved Block

Ancient Credits (How things were done in 2009)

People and stuff that have made this website fun to produce back in 2009

This server is a co-located Linux box, and is brought to me (and you) courtesy of the excellent folks at Their service has been exemplary so far so I would recommend them if you want cheap tech-savvy colo or virtual serving. This server runs excellent free Linux server software such as djbdns, qmail, and lighttpd. Dynamic content is produced by a python script I wrote using . If I tidy the script up enough for general consumption I'll make it available.

The server also runs some free software of my own, such as slidentd. I have been told that if Britney Spears wanted an ident daemon, this is one of a long list she would ignore before just switching on the pidentd that came with her Linux distro. My pages are written using the vim editor, and I use a typematrix dvorak keyboard.

Note: Find my new setup here.

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