aed - an "additional entropy" daemon for Linux

aed is designed to gather randomness from userspace and feed it into the kernel randomness pool. It is ideal for servers which do not see console activity, and often see /dev/random blocking because the entropy pool has been depleted. It gathers entropy from network packets, soundcard input noise, scheduling latency and clock jitter, interrupt timings and other sources. It bleaches and interleaves all of these sources before hashing them and feeding them to the kernel. The interleaved feed (before and after hashing) has been tested using the DIEHARD randomness suite and MUST and is believed to be strongly random. Further work is needed to determine whether the individual sources (before interleaving) are strongly random in themselves.

Its very rough around the edges right now but you will soon be able to get it here if you want to try it out. I haven't done any work on it for two years but I seem to remember it working and I'm sure I've got the sourcecode somewhere.

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